"Top of the Morning:" Works cited

Most of the material in "Top of the Morning" comes from my 350+ interviews. Quotes from outside sources are identified here:

Page 5:
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Page 14:
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Page 16:
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Page 20:
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Page 23:
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Page 24:
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Page 25:
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Page 31:
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Page 39:
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Page 41:
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Page 53:
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Page 54:
"What would make your…" "The New Broadcasting Realities: Real-Life Strategies, Insights…"
"There were certain things I…" TV Week, 2007
"I love the outdoors…" Washington Post, March 4, 1997 (not online)

Page 63:
"A bit of an OCD person…" Hamptons Magazine, 2012

Page 78:
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Page 107:
"And if that wasn't good enough…" The New York Times, 1976

Page 109:
"I view them as trying to take my mortgage…" "Inside Today: The Battle for the Morning," 1992

Page 111:
"A proper expression of support…" The New York Times, 1990

Page 118:
"Lisa and I were nowhere…" Maclean's, 2010

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