Reviews of "Top of the Morning"

"A troubling look inside an enterprise as vicious and internecine as a soap opera…"

--Kirkus Reviews

"Stelter certainly works his web (and Web) of sources feverishly. He hangs out in control rooms. He snoops and digs…"

--New York Times Book Review

"It reads more like 'The Heart of Darkness,' this searing account of life at the top of the television jungle…"

--Washington Times

"The most in-depth look yet at TV changes often written about but little understood, bolstered with extensive reporting and a media wonk's eye for context…"

--Tampa Bay Times

"A searing indictment of how cutthroat and backstabbing the world of morning TV really is…"

--West End Times

"Mainly, he sticks to barely-gestated past. In that way — and at its best — it reads a bit like the A.M.-set answer to Game Change…"

--National Post

"For anyone that wonders how the morning shows do what they do, this is a must read…"

--Red Carpet Crash

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